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And the winner is...

The editors at Wine Enthusiast, A la Carte and Falstaff have recently rated and reviewed our wines and we are pleased to share some great news with you. Our Esterhazy wines have received the following scores ...
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Happy New Wine Year 2018!

Dear colleagues and friends of wine – we would like to extend our wishes to you for a Happy New Year in 2018, and express our pleasure at the fact that we can accompany it once more with our wines! ...
Pk C Eva Kelety 020

Gaia Gaja – a brilliant evening at Esterhazy Palace

November at our estate got off to a great start when Gaia Gaja, daughter of Italian wine legend Angelo Gaja, held the crowd spellbound in the sold-out Haydnsaal at Esterhazy Palace. Oenophile guests from Austria and elsewhere made the pilgrimage to Eisenstadt for this distinctive, one-of-a-kind tasting ...
Harvest 2009 Klimek 15

Great patience leads to success – the 2017 wine harvest

2017 was a vintage year of extreme contrasts: to start, we had late frost at the end of April, which we were able to defend against by means of extensive area-wide smoke production from burning balls of straw. The summer was then very hot and dry, which led to drought stress for the vines ...
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