our wine production

History and tradition are not independent concepts in and of themselves, they are created and shaped by people. We live in the now, and interpret our heritage in the present, filling it with new life. We want to induce change, drive progress, and make our mark.

The courage to innovate is also evident in Esterhazy’s cellar and winemaking. Over the past few years, we have been steadily increasing the percentage of wooden barrels produced from our local forests. The wood staves are dried for 3 years and then processed in the renowned Stockinger cooperage. With their “wine projects” range, Robert Krammer’s team proves that alternative vessels and methods have earned a permanent place in the world of wine. Beautiful concrete eggs and amphorae create extraordinary wines that possess a completely unique character while retaining their Leithaberg typicity – the great consumer demand has only confirmed this!

„Tasting" PAUL BUSK

Smell, taste, see, experience ... Perceiving wine with all of your senses, that´s what tasting is about. Visual impulses are stimulated and challenged when looking through your wine glass. The translucence blurs and the surroundings become hazy. Straight lines become bent, waves are created. Everything is in flow. Artist Paul Busk latches on to these optical impulses and interprets the lettering of "Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo" street art style, using oversized stencils in the Esterhazy winery. Busk sees parallels between his interpretation and the concept of graffiti, which is a composition of various shapes and sizes of letters and how they flow into one another in different forms and patterns. The visual flowing waves of this virtual tasting thus fuses with the New York stylewriting of the 90s.

Paul Busk, Mural, Esterhazy Trausdorf Winery, 2020