our wine production

With a great deal of passion and care, head winemaker Robert Krammer and cellar master Jakob Holzmann create wines with a fine and unique Esterhazy signature.

We aim to preserve the quality and sensory characteristics of our grapes to the best of our abilities. The clear signature in our wines is the sum of many small decisions. Spontaneous fermentation, micro-vinification, minimal filtration, aging in wood, amphorae or concrete are just a few examples. We give our wines the time and peaceful rest they need to develop to their full potential. We support the wines in their natural development, only intervening when we deem necessary. Regardless whether it is a Regional wine, a Village wine or a Single Vineyard Wine, all our wines are treated with the same love and care.

Our unconventional and individualistic project wines expressively show what can be done stylistically with our grape varieties. Nothing is taboo when we test the limits, often trying to compete with the most exciting wine styles across the world.

„Tasting" PAUL BUSK

Smell, taste, see, experience ... Perceiving wine with all of your senses, that´s what tasting is about. Visual impulses are stimulated and challenged when looking through your wine glass. The translucence blurs and the surroundings become hazy. Straight lines become bent, waves are created. Everything is in flow. Artist Paul Busk latches on to these optical impulses and interprets the lettering of "Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo" street art style, using oversized stencils in the Esterhazy winery. Busk sees parallels between his interpretation and the concept of graffiti, which is a composition of various shapes and sizes of letters and how they flow into one another in different forms and patterns. The visual flowing waves of this virtual tasting thus fuses with the New York stylewriting of the 90s.

Paul Busk, Mural, Esterhazy Trausdorf Winery, 2020