where great wines are born

With love and care, the team around Head Winemaker, Robert Krammer, minds our most precious treasures - our vineyards. Mate Elek, who is responsible for our vineyards, knows the exact preferences of each individual vine.

Quality is created in the vineyard and we work very hard to achieve this! We are convinced that healthy, old vines produce the best grapes. That is why we are committed to authentic, organic management.

First experiments with organic farming, were already conducted in the first years of the new millennium. We now focus on vineyard sites which are positively influenced by their micro climate with regard to terroir. Sites are also chosen in such a way, so as not to be affected by conventional management of neighbouring properties. We have been managing our vineyards 100% organically since 2019 and were officially registered for BIO conversion in 2020.

With the gentle sustainable vine training and pruning system, we put emphasis on the welfare and longevity of the vines, not on the size of the yield. We have partially reverted back to traditional methods of cultivation in order to strengthen the vitality of the plants. A rich array of flowers between the rows helps us build a diverse habitat in the vineyard, while maintaining healthy nutrient-rich soils. Our goal with new plantings is to create perfect conditions for many generations to come.