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Tour&Tasting at the Esterhazy Winery

Tour&Tasting Classic € 14,- per person / duration 1 hours
Welcome drink, expert cellar tour, wine tasting of 5 wines, bread

Tour&Tasting Exclusive € 26,- per person / duration 2 hours
Welcome drink, expert cellar tour with barrel tasting, wine tasting of 7 selected wines, cheese with Esterhazy delicatessen, wild raw ham, bread

Gerald Rouschal 02682/633 48-11

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the event location in northern Burgenland

Kalandahaus at the Esterhazy Winery

Picturesquely situated at the Trausdorf Meierhof, just outside Eisenstadt, the Kalandahaus is a modern and attractive event, culinary and wine center.

In Slovakian, "Schalanda" is the name of the servants' hall, where there was social activity with music, singing and food. The word is related to "Kalanda", a medieval brotherhood and sisterhood, which cultivated common cultural exchange without distinctions of class. The Kalanda House stands for fun-loving sharing of culinary, cultural and communal experiences in the circle of friends, colleagues and festive rounds, in the middle of the beautiful nature of sunny Burgenland.

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