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Hot! Our highest rated wines!

Here too, in the matter of awards and accolades, it gets hot ...three of our top single vineyard wines achieved great ratings from Falstaff!

From our high quality LeithabergDAC line, we can introduce you to the most highest lauded members of our family. Our Blaufränkisch LeithabergDACRied Schildten 2016 won 3rd place among the Blaufränkisch wines at Falstaff, with 95 points in the tasting of ‘Austria’s best red wines’. The two white LeithabergDAC single vineyard wines, Chardonnay Ried Lama and Pinot Blanc Ried Tatschler 2016 also pleased the tasters greatly and were each awarded 93 points.

And not just we but also the magazine Vinaria also recommends the Blaufränkisch Schildten as a top pick. Surprise your guests with this unmistakable wine, which expresses the depth of our passion.

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