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Our future is organic!

Over the last few months, we have worked with great focus to redefine key elements and concepts in the work of our estate. The logical consequence of these consideration is now leading to an important and truly big step for us:

Esterházy wine goes organic!

A changeover that has already been successfully achieved in the other divisions of the Esterházy Group of Companies – such as those working in forestry and agriculture – is now being addressed at the wine estate – a complete conversion of wine production to organic viticulture. This is not only indispensable for us in terms of a successful future, but also an important signal to send for a company that works in harmony with nature.

More distinctive: vineyards & wines

The conversion will take place gradually, supported and verified by the fully accredited and recognised Lacon Institute; the first certified wines will be from the 2021 vintage. But working up to that point, our clear goal is to promote & increase biodiversity in the vineyards, to utilise new techniques and to work holistically. This also means, for example, including the lunar tides in our considerations and paying even more attention to the vines and their needs, to respond to them individually, moving away from a dependent monoculture to a stable vineyard system that regulates and stabilises itself. This results in wines that are even more complex, profound and distinctive. They exhibit their origins and minerality even more clearly than ‘conventionally’ produced wines.

The vision goes deeper

However, pure organic certification by itself is not the end of our vision. If we pursue it, the processes should be modified even stricter and more stringently, with this exciting development culminating in a working method like that used by the growers’ group respekt. Please join us on this journey!


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