Merlot Ried Schneiderteil

JG 2017 RZ 1,0 g/l S 5,8 g/l ALK 14,5% vol
single vineyard wines
Sankt Georgen
single vineyard wines
€19.00 inkl. MWSt.

The Schneiderteil site has been owned by the Esterhazy family since 1778. The linguistic origin of the name can no longer be traced. It is a subside within the Kogl site. Located above St. Georgen, it stretches from 190 to 215 metres above sea level. The slope is 8 to 10% and faces south. As a result, the soil warms up very quickly during the day. This is why this historic white wine site was converted to red wine as early as 1997.

The vineyard is bordered by forest above. The site is cooled down quickly at night by cool fall winds, which leads to a large temperature difference between day and night. This is especially significant in the last weeks before harvest: the cool nights store aromas, while the hot days ensure optimal ripeness.

The soil is very poor with a high lime content of 40 to 60%. Merlot is one of the grape varieties that need a high lime content to produce perfect grapes. The lime provides a tight acidity in the wine, which balances the opulent body excellently.


The grapes from our best Merlot vineyard are carefully harvested by hand and checked again on sorting tables at the winery. The mash fermentation takes place in wooden fermentation racks at 28 to 32 degrees Celsius. This high fermentation temperature also causes the seeds to leach out, which gives the wine additional structure. The fermentation starts spontaneously. Later, a neutral pure yeast is added to ensure a safe fermentation. The wine is then aged for 12 months in mostly new barrique barrels. After bottling, the wine is stored in the bottle for at least one year for further harmonisation.

Tasting note

Dark ruby with a black core. Complex aromas of blackthorn, blackberries and blackcurrant, underpinned by balsamic notes, tobacco and fine wood spice. Very precise on the palate, supporting acidity, muscular, fleshy body, surrounded by lots of fine tannin.

This wine is characterised by its dark aromatics and its very powerful, fleshy body. As such, it harmonises perfectly with dark, spicy meats such as roasted or braised beef or game.