Nr. 1 - Pinot Blanc old vines

JG 2017 RZ 1,1 g/l S 5,2 g/l ALK 13,5% vol
project wine
Pinot Blanc
€29.00 inkl. MWSt.

The vineyard extends with a slight incline of 205 to 230 metres above sea level and takes on a slight, south-east-facing basin shape. The slope gradient is 10%. This allows the vines to benefit from morning sunlight, which ensures that the vines dry quickly. The grapes can ripen very well without much risk of rot.

Above, the site is bordered by woodland, which on the one hand protects against winds and on the other hand provides the vineyard with cool air in the evening and at night. Due to the large temperature difference between day and night, the aroma in the berries can develop optimally.

The soil is made up of crystalline primary rock, the bedrock of the Leithaberg, which appears here as heavily weathered mica schist, supplemented by sand and marl with a medium lime content. This soil provides a salty minerality in the wine, the lime content ensures a firm acidity.


The grapes from 40-year-old vines were harvested by hand and gently pressed with the pneumatic press to avoid unnecessary oxygenation. This is all the more important as the entire vinification process was carried out without the addition of sulphur. To preserve freshness and fruit, clean cellar work is a basic requirement. The wine was fermented spontaneously in used barrels and also underwent malolactic fermentation in them. It was then stored in steel tanks for 6 months and bottled without filtration. The wine thus shows a slight cloudiness, which provides additional shelf life for unsulphured wine.

Tasting note

Intense straw yellow. Herbal notes of fennel and chervil dominate on the nose, along with lime blossom and subtle citrus and yellow apple aromas in the background. Extra dry on the palate with only 1.1 g residual sugar, distinctive, well-integrated acidity that perfectly balances the strong body. Complex aromas of flowers and herbs are also repeated on the palate, the fruit resonates discreetly. In the finish, subtle tannins resonate, giving the wine structure.

Pinot Blanc is considered a universal food companion due to its rather neutral varietal character. The intense herbal spice that distinguishes this Pinot Blanc from its conventional counterparts makes it ideal for more strongly spiced dishes such as curries or light game dishes.