Weingut Esterhazy Region 1


Cool loamy soils, slate and limestone. Moist air suffused with sunlight. Fresh breezes. The warm radiance of the lake and fresh winds at night over the vineyards. These elements together bring forth fullbodied and opulent wines, ranging from great powerful reds to refined whites. In this, the individual vineyard sites shape the character of our wines, and thus transmit the sense of the individual terroirs.

Weingut Esterhazy Region 3


The types of stone typical to the region’s geology – Leitha limestone and mica schist –express themselves in the truest sense of the word as ‘treasures of the soil’. The tough mica schist forces grapevines to sink their roots very deeply into the ground, and to concentrate their energy in relatively few clusters. The limestone, composed from the ossified legacy of marine fossils millions of years old, also imparts concentration and a distinctive mineral note to the wine.

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