Weingut Esterhazy Region 2


Extraordinarily elegant wines with fine fruit tones, spiciness and cool character come into being here. The site is rendered somewhat cooler by the black, loamy soils, which make for a late blossoming and clusters that achieve maturity somewhat later.

St. Georgen, Eisenstadt, Kleinhöflein

Layers of limestone varying in density and different sorts of clay form distinctive and unique compositions from one vineyard to the next. This makes for pure terroir-wines that put soil and microclimate into the foreground.
In St. Georgen, cool air flows during the night over vineyards on the slopes of the Leitha Range from the nearby woodlands, bringing with it intense aromaticity and a refreshing acidic structure. Here we harvest long-lived wines with body and opulence, noble character and particularly fine balance.

The widely varying but on the whole rather sandy soils produce fruit-driven wines with an enhanced degree of ripeness and milder acidity. Scattered light reflected from Lake Neusiedl promotes ripening, with average temperatures 1–2 degrees higher than in our other sites. Here, varietal character is the most prominent feature of the wines.

St. Margarethen
Our vineyards in St. Margarethen are more directly exposed to wind and weather, and for this reason rather cooler. The parcels are oriented to the southeast, so that the vines can capture more sunlight. All told, the cooler climate and the sandy clay soils express themselves in a lively sense of freshness in the wines.

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