our sparkling wines

In a region with many grape varieties, one does not expect to encounter sparkling wines. However, due to the many events at the winery, as well as the close cooperation with Schloss Esterhazy in Eisenstadt, we have always had a high demand for high-quality, refreshing and multi-layered sparkling wines. Our selection of sparkling wine ranges from the fresh and fruity Schloss Esterhazy, to the seductive Quinquin Rosé or the ESTORAS Brut. In exceptional years, we also produce an opulent Il Magnifico Extra Brut - a reserve sparkling wine of highest quality.

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our sweet wines

Due to the proximity to Lake Neusiedl, the region also offers ideal conditions for the production of selected Prädikat wines with and without noble rot (botrytis). Starting with the Beerenauslese over the local Schilfwein, to the Eiswein and the Trockenbeerenauslese, our assortment covers everything - if the vintage allows it. Every year is different here, which is why these positive whims of nature can not be produced every year.

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