our regional wines

We call our regional wines ESTORAS, the Latin word for Esterhazy. They proudly bear the Order of the Golden Fleece on the label. The Latin inscription " Pretium laborum non vile" translates to "no mean reward for labours". This indicates that the order was only obtained with extremely hard work and perseverance. This too is our pledge and our ambition.

The Order of the Golden Fleece was one of the most prestigious orders in Europe. The first Esterhazy to receive it was Count Nicholas in 1628. Subsequently, almost all princes of the house of Esterhazy were to wear this order.

These are our business cards in a bottle. They clearly bear our signature and are characterised by juiciness and fruit, well balanced drinkability and body, as well as distinctive varietal characteristics. Wines are partially aged in larger wooden barrels to improve harmony and complexity. The varietal wines are complemented by three expressive blends.

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