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The high quality of our wines is commended by numerous renowned professionals in the world of fine wine. Our ‘Tesoro’ 2011 is not only regarded as one of the outstanding wines of Austria, with five golden stars from Vinaria, but also plays in the championship league on the international level. Our Blaufränkisch ‘Föllig’ 2011, our Merlot ‘Schneiderteil’ 2011 and our Pinot Blanc ‘Tatschler’ 2012 were each awarded four stars.

Highest marks also went to our Leithaberg DAC Weiss 2011, in the category ‘Heritage Wines, Reserve’ from Wirt & Winzer. Our Pinot Blanc ‘Tatschler’ 2011 was also awarded five goblets, and our Chardonnay Classic 2012 scored four goblets, ranking it as one of the finest Chardonnays in Austria.

Falstaff as well acknowledges the quality of our wines: 93 points for Tesoro 2012, 92 points for Blaufränkisch Schildten Leithaberg DAC 2013, 93 points for the Pinot Blanc Tatschler Leithaberg DAC 2015, 94 Points for Chardonnay Lama Leithaberg DAC 2015, 93 points for Leithaberg DAC Chardonnay 2016 and 91 points for our Estoras Cuvée Red 2015.

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The new vinification facility at Weingut Esterhazy was constructed in 2006 within sight of the royal palace. Here this view of the estate’s own tradition makes its mark upon contemporary architecture, availing itself of the quality and characteristics of regionally traditional materials. Thus the ageing chamber for the barriques is constructed with an impressive fourteen metre-long wall of natural loam, in order to maintain perfect temperature and humidity. Weingut Esterházy eschews use of pumps altogether; wines are gently moved only by the force of gravity.

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