Blaufränkisch DAC Ried Föllig - Magnum

JG 2016 RZ 1,0 g/l S 5,6 g/l ALK 13,5% vol
DAC Leithaberg
40,00 € inkl. MWSt.

The Föllikberg is an alluvial cone that was created by the erosion of the Leithaberg. Thus it also has a different geological structure. The Esterhazysche Ried Föllikberg lies at 200 to 210 meters above sea level, faces southeast and has a slight slope inclination of 2 to 3%.

The orientation to the southeast means a lot of morning and little evening sun. Photosynthesis therefore begins early in the morning, and the vines dry quickly from the morning dew. In the afternoon, the intensity of the solar radiation decreases significantly. In this way, heat stress in midsummer can be avoided.

The topsoil consists of a humus-rich, strongly clayey loam soil, which gives the wines strength. The subsoil is made up of weathered limestone and loess. This “creepy” sub-base delivers soft, elegant wines.


The grapes from old vines of the Föllig vineyard are carefully picked by hand and checked again on sorting tables at the winery. The fermentation takes place spontaneously for 22 days in large 5,500 liter wooden fermentation vats at 24 to 30 degrees Celsius. At the beginning and at the end of fermentation there is only gentle flooding. Also pushed under during the main fermentation to ensure an optimal temperature distribution in the fermentation vat. After the alcoholic fermentation is complete, the temperature is kept at 30 degrees Celsius for another 10 days in order to cause the tannins to polymerize. This is followed by a 12-month maturation in mostly used 500-liter barrels. After filling, the wine is stored in the bottle for another year for further harmonizing.


Dark ruby ​​garnet with a black core. Complex aromas of dark cherries, blackberries and juniper, underlaid with black pepper. On the palate, this wine is finely structured, very elegant, with a dense, engaging body. Extremely long finish and with a potential for many years.

This Blaufränkisch is characterized by its particular complexity and depth. As such, it goes well with intense meat and game dishes. But it also invites you to ponder without being accompanied by a meal. Should definitely be decanted.