Chardonnay DAC Ried Lamer - Magnum

JG 2015 RZ 1,0 g/l S 5,5 g/l ALK 14,0% vol
DAC Leithaberg
Sankt Margarethen
58,00 € inkl. MWSt.

The Ried Lamer at one of the highest points of the Ruster Hügelland at 200 meters above sea level. As a high plateau, it has a slope of only 1%, and the orientation to the south-east is of minor importance here. Due to the exposed location, the wind blows much more strongly than in lower elevations.

As a result, the grapes are well ventilated and the risk of rot is very low. The adjacent forest also ensures that the temperatures cool down at night. The cooler climate is therefore ideal for white wines rich in finesse, which at the same time benefit from all-day sunlight.

The soil consists of weathered mica schist and is largely free of lime. The topsoil consists of a thin layer of clay, which gives the vineyard its name. This special soil composition gives the wine a lot of freshness and a subtle, smoky minerality.


The grapes from Old Vines from the Lamer vineyard are carefully picked by hand and checked again on sorting tables at the winery. After the grapes has been pressed with whole cluster pressing, the grape juice is poured into two 500 liter barrels, one of which is new. Fermentation takes place spontaneously at 20 to 24 degrees Celsius. The wine then matures in the barrels on the full lees for another 9 months. The yeast is stirred weekly for the first 4 months. The malolactic occurred spontaneously in one barrel, which increases the complexity. In the second barrel there was no malolactic to maintain the fresh acidity.


Brilliant straw yellow. The nose has an intense bouquet of yellow apples, oranges, pineapple and almond blossom, accompanied by beeswax and fine oak spice. On the palate there is first a hint of extract sweetness, which pairs perfectly with the lively acidity. In the finish, the salty minerality is evident, perfectly balanced by the creamy and dense body.

This wine is characterized by salty minerality paired with a full body and creaminess. As such, it is an excellent choice with shellfish and sea fish with strong sauces. Also with roasted and braised veal or with Brie.