Nr. 7 - Blaufränkisch MC

JG 2020 RZ 0,9 g/l S 4,9 g/l ALK 13,5 % Vol.
12,00 € inkl. MWSt.

The vineyard lies at 200 to 210 meters above sea level, faces southeast and has a slight slope inclination of 2 to 3%.

The orientation to the southeast means a lot of morning and little evening sun. Photosynthesis therefore begins early in the morning, and the vines dry quickly from the morning dew. In the afternoon, the intensity of the solar radiation decreases significantly. In this way, heat stress in midsummer can be avoided.

The topsoil consists of a humus-rich, strongly clayey loam soil, which gives the wines strength. The subsoil is made up of weathered limestone and loess. This “creepy” sub-base delivers soft, elegant wines.


The grapes come from 40-year-old vines. The uninjured grapes were placed with the stems into a steel tank and then overlaid with carbon dioxide. This sets off an intracellular fermentation in which malic acid is converted into alcohol with the help of enzymes instead of sugar with the help of yeasts. This process is internationally known as "maceration carbonique" and is mainly used in Beaujolais. As a result, the wines have less acidity and an intense fruit and are already drinkable young. After 4 weeks, the grapes were pressed and then fermented "classically" with yeasts. The remaining malic acid then went through the second fermentation. After 4 months of storage in steel tanks, the wine was bottled unfiltered and with little added sulphur.


Bright ruby red. Intense red berry nose, raspberries, strawberry punch and beetroot. In addition, very fine, smoky notes that make you think more of Pinot Noir than Blaufränkisch. On the palate, also rather untypical of the variety with mild acidity and a silky, very soft tannin.

In terms of taste, this wine lies between a red wine and a rosé. Accordingly, it should be enjoyed slightly chilled at 12 to 14 degrees Celsius. As a food companion, it goes well with starters or soft cheeses. It is also a good way to mislead guests when guessing the wine.