Nr. 9 - Pinot Blanc Tonneaux

JG 2019 RZ 1,4 g/l S 6,3 g/l ALK 14,0% vol
Pinot Blanc
16,00 € inkl. MWSt.

Teh vineyard lies at 200 to 210 meters above sea level, faces southeast and has a slight slope inclination of 2 to 3%.

The orientation to the southeast means a lot of morning and little evening sun. Photosynthesis therefore begins early in the morning, and the vines dry quickly from the morning dew. In the afternoon, the intensity of the solar radiation decreases significantly. In this way, heat stress in midsummer can be avoided.

The topsoil consists of a humus-rich, strongly clayey loam soil, which gives the wines strength. The subsoil is made up of weathered limestone and loess. This “creepy” sub-base delivers soft, elegant wines.


The grapes were fermented spontaneously in a 2-year-old Stockinger Y-barrel with 30 days of maceration. After pressing, the wine was aged on full yeast for a further 6 months. To preserve the racy acidity, no malolactic fermentation was carried out.


Intense straw yellow. In the nose exotic aromas like pineapple and mango, accompanied by orange blossom and thyme. Subtle brioche notes from ageing on the fine yeast, light toast notes from the Stockinger Y barrel. On the palate dry with 1.4 grams of residual sugar, fine, ripe tannin gives structure, which is supported by the strong body, alcohol and racy acidity.

Due to its strong style, it is suitable as a food accompaniment to intensively spiced dishes. Due to the subtle tannin it is a good alternative for light red wines.