Nr. 6 - Blaufränkisch Rosé old vines

JG 2017 RZ 1,0 g/l S 5,3 g/l ALK 13,5% vol
16,00 € inkl. MWSt.


Mentioned for the first time in 1570 under the name “Schildt Huet”, this parade vineyard has been owned by Esterhazy since 1641. The Schildten vineyard owes its name to its peculiar shape: it slowly widens uphill and then tapers at the end - in the form of a shield. The location is 175 to 200 meters above sea level, has a slope of 9 to 10% and faces south-south-east.

These factors ensure optimal sun exposure during the day. At night, on the other hand, cool down winds from the forests of the Leithaberg provide cooling. This large day-night difference ensures ideal ripening conditions during the day and perfect aroma storage at night.

The soil consists of rather barren brown earth, which is interspersed with limestone. The lime content is extremely high. This gives the wine a very firm structure, which is more dominated by minerality than by excessive fruit.


From the mash tank with our best Blaufränkisch grapes from the Schildten vineyard, after 6 hours, about 10 percent was separated as juice extraction and then fermented spontaneously in used 500-litre barrels. The aim was to show that Blaufränkisch can stand on a line with the great rosé wines of the Provence. Structure, elegance and a certain storage potential are the focus here. Therefore, this rosé was stored in the bottle for another 12 months after spontaneous malolactic fermentation and 9 months barrel ageing.


Intense salmon pink. In the nose very complex with fruity notes of orange peel and raspberries, floral aromas of violets and roses and subtle spice from the barrel ageing. The animating acidity provides freshness, the malolactic and the barrel ageing provide a creamy, soft texture. Delicate, well integrated phenolic notes provide structure.

While fresh, fruity rosés are usually served with hors d'oeuvres, the complexity and spiciness of this rosé makes it more suitable for classic "primi piatti" such as pasta dishes or risotti.