Pinot Noir Ried Hundertpfunder

JG 2016 RZ 1,1 g/l S 4,8 g/l ALK 14,0% vol
Pinot Noir
28,50 € inkl. MWSt.

The Hundertpfunder site is a small vineyard in the larger site Hochbaumgarten. The name, which has been used for 300 years, probably refers to a historical area measure. The altitude is 130 to 155 metres above sea level, the average incline is 8 percent. The vineyard is divided into three parts, the upper and lower parts are very flat. The middle part is very steep and delivers the best qualities. Only from this part the Hundertpfunder is produced.

The orientation is east/northeast. This means that the first rays of sunlight reach the grapes in the early morning hours and are intensified by the light reflection of Lake Neusiedlersee. The old saying from Rust applies here that the best vineyards are those whose vines have a clear view of the lake. In the afternoon, the sunshine becomes much less intense. This means that the sensitive Pinot Noir vines are better protected from excessive heat.

The soil consists of brown earth on a layer of slate and gneiss. Individual limestone veins run through the site. The soil is therefore very heterogeneous from almost lime-free to highly calcareous. The different compositions lead to a higher complexity of aromas in the grapes.


The grapes are carefully harvested by hand and checked again at the winery on sorting tables. 15 percent of the grapes are not crushed and are placed in the fermentation rack as a whole. The fermentation rack is then filled with mash. After a five-day cold maceration, fermentation takes place at 24 to 30 degrees Celsius.The grapes which are not crushed ferment intracellularly, which produces particularly floral aromas. The leaching of the stems gives the wine additional structure. After 14 days, the wine is pressed. This is followed by 12 months of ageing in mostly used barriques on the full yeast.


Medium ruby garnet with dark core and typical edge brightening. In the nose it is characterised by fine aromas of forest berries and cherry, plus orange zest, some cinnamon and forest soil. The wood is hardly noticeable and perfectly integrated. This Pinot Noir shines with elegance and very fine, silky tannin.

This wine is characterised by its full body in combination with silky tannin and elegant structure. This harmonizes especially with cheese, especially mature hard cheese. These are often not compatible with other wines rich in tannins, as they then become bitter. Also because of these soft tannins, this wine is also a red alternative as a fish accompaniment.